Granite Extraction and Transformation


Constant monitoring of internal processes with absolute respect for the environment and social.

CE Marking

Official certification in compliance with all standards required in the most demanding markets.


State-of-the-art equipment and processes guarantee a final product of exceptional quality.


About us

Britafiel, S.A., a company based in Penafiel established as legal unit on day 9 of June 2006, has as main activity the extraction and processing of minerals and aggregates – granitic masses ornamental rocks.
In this sense we have been gradually increasing the offer of products, and currently comprises a wide range of agregaos (britas, tout-venants, sand, ballast for rail, rachão and enroncamentos), blocks to transformation (granite Blue and yellow) and decorative granite for gardens.
The company's exploration is rendered in the "Vilar quarry" situated in the parish of two churches in the municipality of Penafiel, a place well known as sector of excellence for the extraction of granitic stone of superior quality.

Quality and CE Marking

In markets considered concorrenciais as the one of the construction, is crucial that the organizations guarantee his/her financial stability and potenciem his/her sustained growth forming success partnerships with their suppliers.It was in this sense, and observing her/it all of the legal and normative requirements applicable, that the administration of britafiel delineated  strategy resulting in the following fundamental vectores:


  • Consolidation of the company in the market
  • Total satisfaction and their customers' fidelização
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of their internal processes
  • Respect for the environmental and social way


-CE Marking of our products.

-Performance Declarations.




Britafiel continues to invest in equipment that allows highlevels of productivity, even in the most demanding situations,with proven reliability and durability, technologically modernand adapted to the highest quality standards andRequirements of current European legislation.


Britafiel intends to be recognized as one of the main alternatives to the supply of attachés and ornamental rocks of granite, marking presence in the main national and multinational works.

In that sense we have been coming gradually to increase the offer of marketed products, counting actualmente with an enlarged range of attachés (aggregates, tout-venants, sands, ballast, rachão and amourstone), blocks for transformation (blue and yellow granite) and still ornamental granite for gardens.

Tapada de Vilar (E.M.589) 4560-071 Duas Igrejas - Penafiel, Portugal
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Telf: +351 255 718 003
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